January 19, 2024

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January 18, 2024

NEW: added page scroll translate function to homepage about content card

UPDATED: changed formatting of writing page list items and container

January 17, 2024

NEW: writing page added

NEW: four archived writings added to writing CMS

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NEW: link added to social links on homepage

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FIXED: adjusted alignment of homepage work history and social link items

KNOWN ISSUE: contact button is still broken

January 16, 2024

NEW: About section on homepage

NEW: Added DM Mono typeface

UPDATED: Window area calculation in bottom right

January 15, 2024

UPDATE: new is live

NEW: Changelog initialized

KNOWN ISSUES: Contact link does not work


Survival of the fittest and businesses today

Published on
September 19, 2023

Survival of the Fittest is less about what is best and more about what works well enough.

For example, it's easy to make the assumption that all businesses that exist—products, services, and their practices—must also be the best there can be. In reality, because survival of the fittest works in regards to what is most advantageous to just avoid dying, we get in a situation where things that aren’t ideal.

Continuing the thought experiment, I think we could say that businesses today are maladaptive to the future of people. The next generation does not align with the status quo of operations, practice, and execution.