Hi, I'm Arix —
a Product Designer & Manager interested in emerging industries

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Ace of Swords


Read my blog covering musings on design, technology, and where the future is going.


Arix delivers passionate and superb design experiences for projects of any scale.

Gabriel Schillinger
Co-founder of Gamma

As an engineer, it's a pleasure to implement Arix’s designs. Somehow this dude tricked me into thinking CSS was fun!

Evan Frawley
Lead Engineer, Kanga.gg

Arix approaches any problem in an open minded and curious manner, resulting in creative and thoughtful design.

Ananya Rachabattuni
Former Chief of Staff, Bridgewater

Arix demonstrates his love for design which inspires and breathes life into his work.

Essance Rudnicki
Product Designer, Kanga.gg