Product Designer, 2018 – 2019

Hooch is a rewards platform for dining and more, with a new cryptocurrency backend

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Getting started

In early 2018, I was quite active in the New York City blockchain community. I frequently went to meetups to learn about how blockchain worked and meet people passionate about new technology.

As Hooch was looking to expand their product from a simple “subscribe-and-save” model to a rewards platform with an underlying blockchain support, they needed a designer to assist with the new experiences that would be required for the transition.

With their engineering team fully staffed, I was the only designer for the time that I worked with them. This proposed unique challenges in catching up with their existing design work and managing limited resources.

  • Social, metropolitan residents
  • Men and women between 21 and 45
  • Frequently dine-out
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 4 Engineers
  • 1 Designer
  • Interface Design
  • Experience Design
While updating the orignal Hooch interface, I emphasized the need to improve accessibilty by making sure text wasn’t placed over images. (Before -> After)
I updated styles to stay consistent across all pages in the app. For this Events page, that meant completely overhauling the color scheme and format.  (Before -> After) 

Building a shift in experience

Working on Hooch during their transition to being a cryptocurrency-backed product brought up some interesting challenges! One of the bigger ones was explaining the new features while still supporting (and eventually retiring) their original membership plans and rewards.

To do this, I was tasked with adapting and creating new onboarding flows that explained the new product features the next time the user updated their app.

The result was three separate onboarding flows and an entirely new wallet experience for holding the Hooch TAP token.

This redesign—with 3 parallel onboarding flows—was a huge task to take on.
The new interfaces for Hooch were a mix of many familiar paradigms users were familiar with across livestream platforms and social media, smoothing out the experience of each.

The Results

In early 2019, Hooch launched the new and improved mobile app—powered by TAP, the proprietary rewards token for the platform.

Due to the nature of my contract with Hooch, I did not have access to metrics in relation to this change, but when my time with the company came to a close I was met with great appreciation for all the work contributed during their evolution.