You found a secret.
You read right. This is a secret page on my site where I put anything I want that doesn't fit the rest. Please don't share my secret, but do enjoy it.
Death (Reversed)
April 3, 2023

You are experiencing deep inner change, letting go of an aspect of yourself that is no longer serving you and making way for something greater. Do not resist change.

Wheel of Fortune (Upright)
March 20, 2023

You are experiencing the cycle of change. The wheel is turning and your situation is constantly evolving and shifting. What goes up must come down—and vice versa.

Two of Swords (Reversed)
March 19, 2023

You are in a stalemate, unable to decide which direction to take. Release your grip on having to find the "right" solution. Look at both side and consider alternatives.

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